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Our story started with a vision of having two different cultural backgrounds come together and demonstrating our love of food by sharing with you secret recipes and spices passed down by our ancestors. The Mix is combination of Somali and Peruvian cuisine, led by a pairing of savory Peruvian Charcoal Roasted Rotisserie Chicken and Somali rice (Bariis) that will transport you straight to Mogadishu. 

Columbus is, of course, a diverse melting pot of cultures, traditions and flavors. Proof of this is on display at The Mix, a new and welcoming restaurant in the Northland area that specializes in comforting, hearty cuisine from Lima to Mogadishu.

At The Mix, we’re passionate about our food. This commitment to our food is why we marinate our organic, kosher chickens for hours before they are slowly roasted over an open charcoal bed. Using only the best quality ingredients we care about giving you the best of our little piece of home. We look forward to meeting you and welcome to the family.


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The Mix Charcoal Chicken

4362 Karl Road, Columbus, Ohio 43224, United States

(614) 824-1180


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11:00 am – 09:00 pm

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